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J. S. Travels is the company that delivers International standards of impeccable quality and service that will make us the most preferred car rental company in India. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you can be assured of quality cars and a wide range of services that make us in India your First choice of car rental.
Save time, save money, and keep your travel arrangements simple with J. S. Travels. It all starts with confidence--the confidence of knowing that your car rental needs are being handled by a company that caters to your needs and provides the quality service you deserve.

J. S. Travels
 is the result of a Dream – to build an Institution, which will achieve customer loyalty through understanding ever-changing needs, deliver service quality and follow value for money approach.

J. S. Travels
 through focus on Human Resource Development, Transparency and Involvement of Team Members in decision - making process will work towards building a team of highly creative, knowledgeable members with impeccable integrity.

The Core Management Team of J. S. Travels has taken upon itself the responsibility to realize the Dream of building a business, creating an organization and developing it into an “Institution”. 

As a team, we have the knowledge and understanding of business and its future potential, complimentary management skills and a commitment to achieve the leadership in the car rental industry.
The task is tough, we have to cover many grounds, we have to fight many battles, and we have to achieve what most people with our means do not even dream.